Airless Blast Cleaning Equipment

Automatic abrasive cleaning machines are tailored to the customers requirements and consequently are rarely identical. The basic principle of operation is that the component to be cleaned is fed into the machine in a variety of ways including by hand, roller conveyor or overhead conveyor. Once inside the blasting cabinet the abrasive is released into a high speed rotating wheel unit. This directs the abrasive onto the component to be cleaned. As the work continues through the machine it gets cleaned. The components are then removed. The used abrasive is re-circulated through the machine by a series of screw conveyors and bucket elevators. Any airborne dust is removed by the dust arrestor system. Machines are designed around the component to be cleaned, such as flat plate, cylinders, beams. The number of abrasive wheels can be from one up to twelve (or more if necessary) which again is dependant on the type / shape of component.

Our range of machines include the following:

Plate and section
Indexable overhead hanger
Rotary table
Belt barrel

In addition we can offer replacement parts for most of the major manufacturers of airless machines and also undertake complete overhauls of your existing equipment.

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