Other Equipment

In addition to our main products we have developed a range of associated items that complement our standard lines.

Can Crusher

The MJ Services (Southern) Can Crusher crushes all types of metal cans, tins, paint drums and paint pails up to 30 litres. This pneumatically driven unit compacts cans up to a sixth of their original size with ease. The result is not only cost savings on waste skip transport charges to landfill sites but also helps maintain a safer and tidier workspace.

Containers positioned in the can crusher are automatically pierced without removing the lids, alternatively the same devices drain solvent deposits when required for disposal and a removable drip tray catches any paint, oil or other liquids which may be expelled from the container during the 20 second crushing cycle.

Bulk Blasting

Using bulk blasting systems of any size maximizes the savings on production time. Mobile systems can be of rigid axle yard trailer or road trailer with suspension. Skid or leg mounted systems are also available. On the smaller end we produce a 900 Ib blast machine in a manual or automatic type configuration.

High Volume Moisture Separators

As an added protection for better quality air, high volume moisture separators are recommended. They also allow several blast machines or airless spray pumps to be supplied from one central point.

Testing & Monitoring Equipment

We can supply the full range of Elcometer testing and monitoring equipment. The requirement for these items is more common place as testing becomes more stringent.

Wet Blasting

We now offer a high specification slurry blast machine that gives a smooth blast with no constant blocking or surging and incorporating a unique wash down facility when the grit valve is shut down.

The unit can be used with different types of media for various surfaces. This unit is self contained and easily moved around any site. The benefits of using a slurry blast system is that it reduces the dust normally associated with blasting considerably, it is also suitable for most substrates particularly soft masonry using the right pressure and media.

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