Spares and Consumables

MJ Services(Southern) Ltd offers a full range of spares and consumables for the majority of commercially available blast machines at the lowest prices.


Our range includes tungsten carbide, silicon nitride and boron alloy nozzles with prices starting from �10.00

Nozzle Holders/Hose Couplings

Our range of nozzle holders and hose couplings cover the full range of blast hose sizes from 1 1/8� od through to 2 1/8� od. All nozzle holders and couplings are supplied with the relevant gasket and screws with prices from Prices from �9.50

Blast Hose

Our blast hose is available in various sizes from �� bore through to 1 �� bore and is rated at 12 Bar. Prices from �4.50/metre

Remote Control Valves

The remote control valve works in conjunction with the handle giving the operator complete control of the blast machine. The valve is capable of stopping, starting the machine up to 100 meters distance with prices from �130.00

Deadmans Handle

The control handle or (dead-man's handle) controls the air signal to the remote control valve on the blast machine. This allows the blasting operation to be carried out by a single operative with prices from �20.00

Grit Valve

The grit metering valve comes in two sizes of 25 & 13 mm (1" & 1/2"). These valves are capable of handling all types of abrasive such as chilled iron, garnet, glass bead and aluminum oxide with prices from �40.00

Air Filters

Free standing breathing air filters offer a better way of providing the operative with clean air compared to the more traditional types of filters. The standard unit is a single operative unit with no regulation, however a maximum of two operatives with regulation is offered as an extra if required with prices from �120.00

Please contact us with any requirements for spare parts that you have for your machine.

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